1990 Alfa Romeo SZ


A collaboration between designers at Alfa, Fiat, and Zagato, the SZ (Sprint Zagato) created quite a stir at the 1989 Geneva Auto Show. Shocking and captivating with its futuristic looks, it was nicknamed Il Mostro, “the Monster.” A 1,000 car production run received the green light soon after, with Alfa providing the chassis and engine from its celebrated 75/Milano model, while Zagato constructed the avant-garde thermoplastic injection molded composite body. With its suspension derived from Alfa’s IMSA racecar and the legendary “Busso” V6 engine in residency up front, the SZ was a sensation on the road. Aggressive, otherworldly, and unmistakably Italian, it completes an impressive lineage of 20th century Zagato Alfas. 


This SZ is an extremely early example (#18), and has only covered 4,897 kilometers over the last three decades. With none of these cars sold new in the US, it was instead sourced in the Netherlands in 2015 and became one of the first SZ’s to arrive in North America shortly thereafter. Housed in an impressive collection in the NY area, the car has continued to enjoy fastidious maintenance and enthusiastic ownership. 


Perfectly original throughout, this SZ appears and drives as new. The delicate body panels are in perfect shape, while the Rosso Alfa paint shows minimal wear. There are a few tiny blisters on the hood and rear corners, a common issue with this model, but otherwise the exterior has held up very well. Pristine, mirror-like Speedline wheels complete the picture, while all trim and glass are intact and look great. Some minor delamination is present on the extreme edges of the windshield, but otherwise this large, curving expanse of glass is in excellent shape. 


Inside, gorgeous tan leather seats with deep bolstering feature “Zagato Design” emblems embossed on their headrests, while the black leather and carbon fiber dash delights with its well-preserved and pristine Veglia instrumentation. The headliner and door cards are also wrought in yet more leather, while the carpets and rear luggage belts all look new. Out back, the tiny trunk houses the original spare wheel and tool kit, but not much else. 


On the road, the SZ lives up to its reputation. This car features an upgraded stainless exhaust system, and the impossibly smooth V6 howls one of the greatest tones known to the motoring world from its tip. A chip tune also adds an extra performance edge, along with the factory 10:1 compression and more aggressive cam over the Milano. Out back the five speed transaxle is in excellent health, providing crisp, easy shifts without any grinding or drama, while the racing-derived suspension feels every bit as tight as 4,897 kilometers should. A joy to hustle down any back road, the SZ is a revelation even amongst the best Alfas, and this particular example stands as a truly superb representative of the breed.


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