1975 Fiat 500R


With demand for efficient, affordable transport skyrocketing in the post-War period, Fiat answered the call with its legendary Nuova 500. A tiny city car, ingeniously packaged and more spacious than expected, the 500 became a staple of Italy, Europe, and beyond. The recipe is simple yet effective: a two cylinder air-cooled engine at the rear, four speed gearbox, room for four (or more if desired), and some room up front for luggage. Everything one could ever need, all within 10 feet. A vibrant tuning scene and famous racing efforts via Abarth and others put the 500 on the performance map as well, showcasing the agility and poise of this giant-killing engineering marvel. 


Fully restored and recently reassembled, this ’75 500R is a stunning rosso charmer with lots of exciting upgrades. In lieu of the earlier 500 drivetrain, the R enjoys a transplanted 650cc motor shared with the later Fiat 126 along with that car’s full-synchro four speed as well. Faster, easier to drive, and hugely fun, this pairing allows for a much more competent car in modern traffic and additional thrills as you push its tiny chassis to the limit and beyond. 


Absolutely everything has been restored, purchased new, or upgraded on this 500, and the result is a turn-key, pristine example done to the highest standard. The paint is beautiful with a deep luster, complemented by dramatic black and silver Abarth racing wheels and brand new chrome bumpers. Above, a fresh canvas sunroof operates flawlessly, while new seals and excellent, original glass complete the look. 


Inside, the black interior is finished to factory perfection, featuring flawless seats, dash, headliner, and door cards. The single, elegant gauge from the desirable 500L dash works perfectly as do all of its associated lights, and the rest of the car’s electrics are similarly reliable. Fresh carpets, stickers, and mirrors further enhance the snug cabin, while the trunk up front showcases a beautiful, correct jack and spare tire.


Out back the air-cooled engine provides a gruff and enthusiastic growl from its twin exhausts, starting easily and begging to be revved at every opportunity. Rebuilt brakes stop with authority, the suspension is tight and agile, and a light clutch works in perfect tandem with the direct, satisfying four-speed. It’s an amazing driving experience--supremely eager, lively, and fun. 


Available immediately on a NY title and located in our showroom, call (914) 402 5799 or email info@midcenturymotoring.com for more information.