1971 BMW 2002


While BMW’s Neue Klasse sedans turned the company’s fortunes around and introduced the world to the concept of a sports sedan, it was the little, entry-level 1600-2 coupe that would start a legacy of exceptional two-door cars and cement BMW’s popularity in the US. Paired with an upgraded 2.0L M10 engine, the resulting 2002 delivered driving thrills in a compact, attractive package and made its mark in the racing world as well. Today, these coupes are desirable classics that reward their owners with excellent handling and immense charm.


Originally delivered to Nida’s Imports in Huntington, WV, this brilliant Colorado Orange 2002 remains in excellent condition and is a fantastic example of the breed. Nimble and supremely balanced, it drives as one would expect from a well-maintained classic. 


With a solid underside and correct panel gaps, the body shows very well and looks to be dry and straight throughout. The paint is a quality job and very presentable, the only notable flaw being a hairline crack along one side of the center hood ridge. Each wheel retains its polished center cap, all in great condition, while the rest of the car’s glass and trim look similarly tidy. Wonderful period touches like the desirable round taillights and slim bumpers set this generation of 02 apart, and are striking on an original spec car like this one.


Inside, the car delights with its black vinyl interior, the highlight being a set of pristine seats. Coco mats, a tight headliner, and air conditioning further enhance the cabin, while the flawless door cards, clear gauges, and large, thin steering wheel convey tons of period charm. The dash is intact but cracked, and currently wears a fitted cover. A modern, working head unit is also present ahead of the nicely patina’d gear stick. 


Under the hood the M10 engine pulls hard and sounds great via a mildly upgraded Silverline exhaust. The four-speed transmission features excellent synchros and a solid clutch, while the brakes are strong and linear. Sorted by Dominick’s in White Plains, the car is ready for spring and some spirited back roads driving. 


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