1970 Porsche 914-6


While the genesis of the 914 is the well-known story of a Porsche and Volkswagen collaboration, the 914-6 has its own fascinating history, particularly in regards to motorsport. The factory-developed racecar, known as the 914-6 GT, quickly made a name for itself in rally and endurance competitions around Europe. In the US, the company saw potential within the SCCA’s C Production class, but bringing the GT to the series proved troublesome. At the time, SCCA homologation rules required a 500 unit production run, but GT production was nowhere near that number. In an attempt to circumvent the quota, Porsche introduced the M 471 package, which turned ordinary 914-6’s into GT lookalikes (mainly via fender flares). Only 23 cars ended up with the package in the early ‘70s, but the aesthetic endured.


Naturally there was pushback from other competitors, particularly the dominant Datsun cohort. SCCA leadership ruled that the GT was not eligible for C Production, and forced it into the much more competitive B Production echelon. As Porsche prepared to withdraw from the effort, it made the fateful decision to try out the fledgling IMSA series instead. The rest, as they say, is history. 



This 1970 Porsche 914-6 is recently restored, but more importantly it has been comprehensively reimagined. Taking inspiration from Porsche’s SCCA homologation efforts this car features the striking, wide metal flares of these performance-oriented specials, while its 911 heart is now a thunderous and expertly-prepared 2.7 liter flat six. Painstakingly reborn at CARS (Classic and Antique Restoration Services) of Cleves, OH, the body was taken down to bare metal and enjoyed a full rotisserie restoration. As noted in the Porsche Certificate of Authenticity, the car is an original 6 and retains its stunning Signal Orange over black leatherette color scheme. 


Built by Bill Atkins, the workmanship and attention to detail throughout is beyond belief. A true celebration of the 914-6 as an iconic Porsche, Bill took great pains to create a car that remains true to its roots while highlighting the motorsport provenance and thrilling driving dynamics of this unique, mid-engined design. The result speaks for itself: a gorgeous ‘70s vision of German performance, fresh and flawless only 300 miles post restoration.


A very well-preserved 914 now brought to concours perfection, the body delights with precise gaps and fitment. The Signal Orange paint is spot-on and buffed to a perfect shine, radiating its sunny tones in all lighting. Underneath, the chassis is every bit as perfect as the sheetmetal above, pristine in color-matched sealant. Endless swathes of chrome adorn the broad bumpers, each perfectly re-plated, while the signature flip-up headlights work well, appearing and disappearing promptly within their white housings. The vinyl applique on the targa roof panel and side “sails” (pillars) is well done and correct, with only slight rippling at the base of the panel. Out back, the obligatory golden “914-6” badge takes pride of place, while aggressive twin exhausts hang below the wide, low trunk.


Originality is the theme inside this 6, with a black leatherette interior that looks spot-on. Thin, sporty seats (including a fixed passenger seat) take center stage, featuring black basket weave center panels and a correct passenger footrest as well. A heated rear window (as listed in the CoA) and pristine windshield allow lots of light into the small cabin and both side windows function well too. Lovely coco mats hint at the exterior color, while the textured dash features the correct left ignition indicative of the high-performance six cylinder cars. The Momo Prototipo wheel is both delicate and reassuringly robust in the hand--always at home in a performance Porsche. Beside it the canted dogleg shifter looks great, as does the hidden handbrake between the driver’s seat and door, complete with its useful fold-down action (so as not to impede egress). All gauges, switches, and lights function properly, as does the heater.


The car’s 2.7L flat six replaces the standard 2.0L mill from the 911T, featuring big Webers and a lot of shove. Easy to start and roaring to life without any untoward smoke, the 2.7 is a masterpiece of an engine, tractable and obedient around town, but an unhinged lunatic as the tach rises. Quick to rev and singing through a very sporty exhaust, this Porsche will delight any fan of Stuttgart’s finest, propelling the 914-6 at speeds previously unknown to the breed. A dogleg five-speed “side shift” conversion is the perfect companion to the flat 6, with short throws and well-matched gearing. Additionally, the car’s wider track and performance tires give lots and lots of grip, a valuable asset with the mighty 2.7 installed amidships. A body-stiffening kit, upgraded sway bars, and fresh suspension bring out the best in this mid-engine performer, highlighting the delicacy and balance of the chassis and contributing to the legendary Porsche steering feel and precision that all 914s are known for.


Tens of thousands of dollars in receipts and invoices from the restoration are catalogued in the car’s history file, documenting the bodywork and paint process in excellent detail. Additional stacks of receipts from Pelican Parts, Auto Atlanta, and others showcase the true nut and bolt nature of the car’s build. Additionally, several older invoices from the mid-80s remain intact, while the Porsche Certificate of Authenticity is included in its signature silver folder.


Located in our showroom and offered on a NY transferrable registration, call (914) 402 5799 or email info@midcenturymotoring.com for more information.